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There are several challenges related to any control project involving complexity, preparation, methodology and commissioning.

Through the use of our in-house design tools, we ensure that all aspects that contribute to a successful control and instrumentation project are well executed. Such a structured approach ensures that the execution team has confidence in any aspect of the project, resulting in a system that is commissioned on time and completed on budget.

For a successful I&C project, you need to have a well-conceived design package.


For most industrial installations, there is a great shortfall of adequate documentation detailing the current implementation. This poses a challenge to maintenance teams and design teams when changes need to be made to existing facilities.

With a focused approach, our team can help you to bring your documentation to a level that is suitable for current operations as well as become a basis for any future upgrades to control systems and strategies.



One of the most important project variables is the level of predictability. How many times have the project members been exposed to similar projects?

Solutions Toolkit


Your business, no matter how large of small, could benefit from adapting QR codes.

We have identified a number of uses for QR codes suited to industrial applications.

Struggling to convince management of the need to upgrade?

Let us help you design a control & instrumentation strategy to keep senior managers aware of the value this will bring to the organisation.

A picture tells a thousand words. So which picture should you choose?

With the explosion of dashboard tools and technologies, many people are struggling to decide which is the right data to display? Let us help.

Strategy Development

Dashboard Design