Dell Edge Gateway 5000

Take data capture and analysis to the edge

The Dell Edge Gateway Model 5100 is our highly effective industrial IoT device, designed to provide powerful IoT solutions even in extreme conditions.

Refining the 'Internet of Things'

The state of business today: The integration of IT and operation technology isn’t new, it’s been happening for decades. Dell has invested heavily in IoT research and has designed technology uniquely optimized for improved security and efficiency across your device network.

Created for any condition: The next evolution in Dell’s IoT technology is focused on intelligent gateways that can operate reliably in extreme temperatures and help connect endpoints even in the most challenging industrial or enterprise environments.


By 2020, IoT will reach 26 billion connected devices. The challenge is to capture, analyze and effectively gain insights from the massive amounts of data these sensors and devices collect, in order to drive your business forward.

More industrial applications. Improved insights

Industrial strength: Rugged enough for factory floors or outdoor HVAC systems, suited to wall or DIN rail mounting, and designed for 24x7 long-term operation, with expanded temperature ranges.

Form, function, flexibility: Diverse and expandable input/output connections and solutions from certified software partners help to aggregate, track, normalize and relay data from virtually any sensor and network protocol.

Built to your specs: End-to-end Dell solutions, and our certified software program and system integrators, provide industry-specific expertise, plus flexibility for customers to construct an IoT ecosystem that meets their unique business needs and requirements.

Maximize your data solutions

Falling sensor and device costs, as well as improving power efficiencies make IoT solutions even more affordable and efficient to implement. With a better understanding of your business’ data, you can manage resources, optimize your operations and improve yields. The Dell Edge Gateway 5100 offers:

  • A big picture view of your business that is more refined and easily searchable.

  • Award-winning security from your data centre to the farthest Dell endpoint, and along the networks and clouds in between.

  • A better way to expand your company's service and control IT across a variety of platforms.

Analytics at your fingertips

User-friendly development: With the Dell Gateway 5100, your company can build its operation on its own terms, with modular, architecture-agnostic solutions.

Refined data streams: Harness the power of advanced analytics with more finely tuned data always at the ready.

Analytics for any size: Prepare to scale your operations quickly and efficiently from the pilot to production stages.


Ports & Slots

1. RS-232 | 2. (2) RS-485 | 3. RS422/485 combo | 4. USB 2.0 | 5. USB 5.0 | 6. (2) RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet | 7. HDMI port

Dimensions and weight

Height 8.5" (216mm) | Width: 9" (229 mm) | Depth: 2.9" (74 mm)

Weight: Starting at 3.2kg

Power Module

Get supplementary power for a PCIe card and provide space for potential future modules. Regulate external power sources for smooth, uninterrupted service.

I/O Expansion

Prepare for expansion with two additional USB ports, a serial port and GPIO, so you’re ready to connect future models and manage cables easily. Requires additional power module.

Rugged Enclosure

This lockable hardened enclosure protects from dust, oil and weather elements, and the chassis intrusion switch will send an alert in case of unauthorized access.


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