Embedded Box PC 3000

Speed solutions to market in weeks, not months

Commission your industrial PC solutions faster and recognize revenue sooner.

Intel® roadmaps: As a top partner of Intel® we have special insights and have built our Embedded Box PCs to correlate to scalable system formats, including for IoT.

Built for your business: Count on 24/7 fanless dependability and lower service costs.

Go vertical: Vertical-specific devices and a streamlined approach make it that much easier to do business.

Small but mighty

The entry-level box embedded PC is ideal for bringing small solutions to big systems. 


Rugged and durable: Runs at a minimum operating temp range of 0-50 degrees Celsius and designed to MIL-STD-810G.


Less energy, more power: Multi-core processors based on the Intel® Atom increase performance without sacrificing energy.


Embedded I/O: The wide array of wired and wireless connections make this the perfect embedded computer for applications such as kiosks and POS.

Ports & Slots

1. Access screw | 2. USB3.0 | 3. Reset button | 4. Power button | 5. Antenna SMA connectors | 6. Dual Gigabit Ethernet | 7. Display Port++ (DP/DVI/HDMI) | 8. USB2.0 | 9. CAN bus card (optional) | 10. VGA | 11. Other Dual Gigabit Ethernet | 12. Multi-function port (attaches to 7-in-1 cable: 12-bit GPIO, PS2 keyboard cable, PS2 mouse cable, IOIOI 2 serial cable, RCA line, RCA line out, RCA microphone) | 13. USB2.0 | 14. Serial ports, set by BIOS to RS 232 or 422 or 485 | 15. Phoenix-type remote power switch | 16. Locking DC connector | 17. Antenna SMA connectors

Dimensions & Weight

Height: 6.5" (161mm) | Width: 9.5" (240mm) | Depth 2.5" (60mm) | Weight: 6.2lbs (2.8kg)


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