Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is the new vehicle to a true "real-time enterprise", leveraging on the advances in IT, Industrial IoT enables a responsiveness to business needs that were simply not achievable a few years ago.

Industrial IoT is here, let us help your organization get on board. IIoT has the potential to enable your organisation to achieve business excellence, helping you sustain existing products and services, improve them and introduce new ones.

true value of IIoT lies in the intelligent edge and fog computing



The goal of Industry 4.0 is to optimize production efficiency and to achieve this goal, you have to analyze production data in a target-oriented manner.

Edge Intelligence

Edge intelligence is a software-based solution based on fog computing which extends data processing and analytics closer to the edge where the IIoT devices reside.

The use of edge computing enables immediate automated responses to time-sensitive conditions. In addition, fog computing reduces overall bandwidth requirements and minimizes latency.



The shortest path to a successful IIoT implementation is to leverage the existing interoperability technologies of the Internet in industrial automation products and applications.

Industrial IoT Use Cases

Pump Health

Heat Exchanger Fouling

Busbar Health

Companies often take a risk based approach to pump maintenance. Critical pumps are managed with condition based maintenance strategy, whilst less critical pumps are run to failure.

An IIoT approach changes this to a predictive maintenance strategy.

Adoption of IIoT strategies leads to the recogniton of abnormal situations and conditions.

For a Heat Exchanger, this implies an early indication of fouling by comparing current heat transfer coefficient with baseline (newly cleaned).

A machine learning application can issue cleaning recommendations based on high fouling and high dP or lost energy costs.

Beyond the calculation of power factor for each phase and measuring kWh to better understand energy consumption, the adoption of IIoT strategies extends to monitoring of insulation deterioration.

This approach introduces solutions that help eliminate unplanned outages due to electrical failures, reducing maintenance costs and increasing system reliability.